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Making Your Product Stand Out - Part One

 This is a small part of what I carry in my space at Spice Village in Waco and most of the items you can see in my Etsy shop at
This particular page in my blog is meant to help others in their handmade business .While I am no expert and I believe you learn something new every day, I will share with you what I have learned so far.
The first thing I want to cover is your product because that is your business and that is where it starts.
First of all ,I believe you have to love what you are doing , love what you are making, love what you are selling . If you do not believe in your product ,it may be hard to convince someone else to believe in it as well .I  went from making shirts, tutu's, and bows but my passion was not there and I knew it .Later through trial and error I found my passion in handmade gifts and home décor.
If you have found your passion and you do love what you are doing, then you are off to a good start.
So the next thing is how competitive is the market you are in ?
If it is saturated , it does not mean you have to do something else,it just means you have to make your product stand out.
While I am on that subject of standing out, copying someone else's work that is successful will not make you different and will not make you and your business stand out . Being inspired is one thing but copying is another.
So what will make you stand out ?.....Well , your product for one . Ask yourself how can I make it different? What colors and patterns can I put together? What mediums can I combine ?  Is anyone else doing it ? (Because remember you want to be different , right ? You want to stand out,right ?   
So photography is something else that can make you stand out...I use my phone for all my pictures and an app to edit if I need to.I try and use backgrounds that are unique to me....some have made fun of me because I use raffia and burlap for my backgrounds but I know I have a look and that it may help identify my product and shop from others.I do use other backgrounds too but I still make them unique to me,whether it is a fence background or something I painted for a background.
Making your business stand out and being different can be the most enjoyable part of your job and the most rewarding.

More to come ....



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