Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shop Display at Gracie Lane

So I started another shop space in addition to Spice Village in Waco .I am slowly moving into my space at Gracie Lane in Arlington.It is a little  closer to home. I am excited to bring another source of revenue in to benefit my family.
I have almost finished the left side and the back wall.I still have the right side to go .
Fixturing a new space is always challenging but I enjoy the challenge.Trying to make it look nice and get as much product as you can in the space so it is profitable.
I have found the more product you can get at eye level , the more profitable you can be.Many focus on product and rightfully so , but I believe presentation is just as important.It doesn't have to be expensive.You can find many items at garage sales.Of course a little paint goes a long ways too.
I can't wait to show you the space when it is all finished.
For some,this may just be a hobby but if you want to make a living ,you have to make it your job.It is what you put into it.
I am blessed with awesome clients from Spice Village and Etsy and I am excited to make new ones at Gracie Lane,   

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