Saturday, September 10, 2011

Colorado Vacation Part 4-Roughing It

Yes,go ahead,make fun of us now,lol.We went tent camping.Let me tell ,if you are going to go tent camping,Colorado is a great place to do it.The last time we tried this,we got to the tent site,opened up our trunk and found that the tent case was in there but not the tent.We did not make that mistake this time! 
We camped outside Canon City across from the Royal Gorge.The view was beautiful and great weather in August.It was a bit cold late at night and early in the morning.So you need blankets and jackets if you try it.We did not go completely primitive,they did have bathrooms and shower facilities.I don't know if I could go completely primitive.

Sydney absolutely loves camping.They had a swimming pool,splash pad,and a bouncing pad,and a game room,and a small shop on site for necessities. The camping site was called Prospectors.They do have cabins and Rv sites also.
We even had electricity to watch movies in the tent as you can see Sydney doing.

We were sad to leave the last day.It was a short and sweet trip.Camping is beautiful and beats the prices you pay at Hotels if this is your sort of thing.I like paying $20.00 a night for all this so I can rough it a bit especially when I know how much my daughter loves it.

Pardon the pictures,not use to taking pictures with my phone.
Stay tuned for our travel back home.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Colorado Vaca. Part 3

 The Royal Gorge

So I really don't like to walk across the Royal Gorge.
I just want to get to the other side in a hurry.
You can drive over it or walk over it.We walked.
In the picture you can see my daughter Sydney and my husband Lonnie.
They have flags from all the states going across the bridge.So of course we had to find the Texas Flag

We took a wagon ride and got to listen to the driver tell us stories of the Indians.

Sydney loved the wagon ride.It is very short but to a child,it seems adventurous and is no extra cost after you have paid to get in.

They do have horseback riding which is an additional coat.You have to be 7 and up to ride them.

Then we walked through the old town that had some shopping and of course you have to pan for
gold and stay to watch the gun fight.

I wished they would have found gold,we had fun trying.

The real gold was watching our daughter have the time of her life and both of us spending quality time with her.

So thankful to God for my husband and my daughter.