Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado Springs Vacation Part 2

  The North Pole
If you ever wanted to take your children to the North Pole,this is the place to go.It is just a few miles up Pikes Peak Mountain.It is a wonderful little amusement park nestled in the mountains amongst beautiful scenery.It is great for all ages!      I even went to the website before our trip and printed coupons.So you can get in for a great price too.
I love the fact that it had a beautiful little chapel and presented the real story of Christmas.Even in the souveneir shop,it had a little book for children ,I want to say it was called the Kneeling Santa but I am not sure but I intend to do some research because I would like to get it.I know it was prefaced by Pat Boone ,although he was not the author.If you know the book I am talking about,please let me know.If you have read it,let me know your thoughts.
My husband loved the ferris wheel,I am sure He had a great view but I dont mix well with heights,lol.It certainly was neat just to see one in the mountains.  
One of Sydney's favorite rides is The Peppermint Slide.It is pretty neat ,you climb the stairs inside and then slide down on a burlap slack.They also have a little train,the candy cane roller coaster,toy shops,candy shops and the list goes on.If you need Christmas decorations,they have those too.If  you want to see Santa,you can do that too.This is certainly a fun place for kids and where the adults can be kids too. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that is still there! I went when I was a kid. No memory of it but have photos of it. Looks fun!

  2. Syd, thanks for joining my blog. I tried to email you but couldn't get things to work. What a fun time everyone must have had. My grandkids would have loved that!