Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colorado Springs Vacation Part 1

                      The Seven Falls

This is located by Colorado Springs close to the foot of Pikes Peak.One of the most beautiful places I have seen.
There may not be as much to do in Seven Falls as other place but the views are breathtaking and a must see in my book.
This is the tourist shop and snack area at the bottom of Seven Falls.Let me tell you,coming from Texas and the extreme heat,it was so nice just to sit here and enjoy the weather and the scenery.

This is the actual Seven Falls.You can climb stairs to get up one side or take the mountain elevator to get to the top of the other side but once you get to the top  you can't see as much as you can if you take the stairs.But it's still worth the view for those who can not climb stairs.

You can see the mountain elevator in the next picture.

My husband and my daughter having a good time.We always seem to take vacation the same week as my daughter's birthday.She turned 7 this past week.Happy Birthday to my sweet Sydney.To know her is to love the energy she has and wish that you could be able to bottle it up ,lol.

Sydney's favorite thing we saw at the the bottom just outside Seven Falls was this beautiful fawn.
I will share more of our short and sweet vacation in my next post.
Thank you for stopping by my little blog!

Remember that God created all this beauty,it is for us to see His handiwork.If He can create all this beauty around us,He can do anything .Sometimes we need to take what we see in nature and apply it to our lives.When we step back and let God do what He needs to do in our lives(let His will be done other than ours)...He can make something beautiful and use us for his honor and glory.He created so much in 7 days and we act like He can't handle our lives. 
"Do what you can do and let God do what you can't."


  1. Fun! I love Colorado Springs! My sister just moved out there, so I look forward to more vacations there!

  2. Hello from the CAST team!
    What a great post! I have always wanted to go to colorado, and this just makes me want to go even more. I love your last quote at the end.

  3. Oh, how lovely! I'm a good way! ;)

    Emily at Cherished Heart Shoppe

  4. Wow, that is a breathtaking view! I saw a fawn today too. So cute!

  5. I relaxed just a bit looking at these photos. I can imagine the sweet fresh air and the beautiful peaceful.

    Glad you took the time to share.


  6. One of my dream vacations is a Colorado trip. Can't wait to see more pictures!