Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silverton ,Colorado...Faith That God Can Move Mountains

This is the small yet beautiful town of Silverton,Colorado.Nestled in the mountains close to Durango.They offer free style skiing and snow mobiling.

They have a few little shops and nice places to eat.They don't have as much to offer as Durango but defintely worth seeing.
The beauty as unbelievable.You can surely see God's handiwork.

There is a train that comes out of Durango leading to Silverton.
The views are breathtaking and a definite must see.
You can ride on an open or  closed cart.
They even stop on the way for a picnic.You can bring your own lunch or choose to eat from their concession stand on the train.
The scenes are unbelievable from the train.I have to say the open cart is the way to go especially for those who love to take pictures.
I could not help but take this picture of this lovely church building tucked in snow.It was small but so beautiful and the only one I saw in Silverton. 

This was one of the best vacations we have taken.We did stay in Durango rather then Silverton.They have more accomadations.Plus when it has snowed quite a bit,Silverton can be a rather scary drive but a gorgeous one.
So I leave you with this last picture to remind you of the awesome beauty that God has created.Makes you realize that God can do anything.He can make something from nothing.He can supply all our needs and use unfortunate happenings in our lives to His honor and glory.Do you have faith that God can move mountains?


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