Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vacation-Galveston and The Kemah Boardwalk

Who said Texas doesn't have some great
places to vacation?
It was just hot but lots of fun.

You could simply shop or get an all day pass for the rides.
They also have an aquarium where you can feed the Stingrays.
They have a speed boat that is $12.00 per person $10.00 for kids.Expect to get wet...the boat is called "The Beast" and it lives up to it's name. It also stops so you can observe the dolphins.

Sydney loved the carousel,it is not often you see a 2 story carousel that you get to walk up the stairs to ride too.

What a beautiful boardwalk!

 Sydney is watching for the dolphins from a boat in Galveston.It was not a speed boat like the one in Kemah.

The Seagulls were everywhere.
Our daughter had a blast chasing them around and feeding them.

We tend to want to go somewhere far away for vacations but this was around a five hour trip or less.

                              There is beauty all around us.


  1. Fabulous photographs!! Wow! I have never seen a 2 story carousel. I LOVE seeing things I have never seen before. You should sell your pics.


  2. Thanks Sue! I have thought about that.I wish I could take better product photo's.I will just have to keep practicing.I love your photo's.

  3. These photos are great, looks like alot of fun.
    I originally from Texas and I miss it. Especially the beach.