Sunday, May 16, 2010

Syd The Persnickety Princess

Daddy and his princess.
This picture was taken a couple a few years ago at Halloween.I like looking at this picture because it reminds me of a something Sydney use to love to do and sometimes still does.
She would dress up in this outfit,go put her Disney princess music on and ask her daddy to go get his suit jacket on so that he could be her prince and dance with her.So sweet!Sometimes I tear up thinking about it.Happy tears of course.I am a very sentimental person if you have not guessed that by now.
My mom use to tell this story bout this little girl with a little curl in the middle of her forehead,and when she was good,she was very good but when she was bad,....well....I am sure you know the rest.
That's our princess...we love her when she's good and even when she's acting like she is high on sugar running to and fro and being,how do you say?Persnickety?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet Young Girls Will Make Great Models

 While I love to take pictures,I am trying to progress in that  field. I know the better your pictures are,the better your oppurtunity to sell your product. So I am scoping out models.
This is one my young friends. She does a great job of taking care of my daughter ,Sydney.
After I took this picture,it came to me that she would be a great model.
Looking for a few more,I need models of all sizes and ages. Anxious to get started!

This is Taylor's sister Lex.As you can see,Sydney is very fond of her as well.
Can you tell?She is also another real cutie.They are both adorable redheads!
Another sweet young lady to add to some future photo shoots.

Then there is my Syds.
She is full of energy.She is harder to take pictures of because she is always moving.They are called action shots.
She loves crafting and taking pics just like me.
Love my baby girl!

So just need some older models now that live locally,anyone up for it?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's getting close to Mother's Day.So many thoughts and memories come to mind this time of year.
The fact I did not ever think I would be a mother but here I am,a mother. It has been a journey and is a new experience everyday that I would not trade for the world.
Of course I miss my own Mom and wish she were here.I know though that she is happy and healthy with God.
When you loose a parent you think to yourself at times when certain things happen in life..."I wish they could see this" and then you realize they probably can.If only you could  just see their expression or get that special hug that they were always so good at giving.Seeing their eyes light up when their grandchild does something cute and silly.Maybe an accomplishment you have achieved that you know they would be so proud of you and encourage you to keep going and not to give up.
One last thing Mom shared in writing a few weeks before she died, was a prayer for us kids to be assured  of God's promise to be our Deliverer and our Rock.We know He is.Thanks mom!
Happy Mother's Day!If you have a mom,enjoy and love her.If you don't,maybe you can enjoy this holiday with your kids and the fact that you are a mother.If neither applies,make the day special for someone who needs a blessing in their life.Who doesn't need a blessing?