Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Do I Do This And Why "By Syds"?

This picture pretty much says it all.
Of course,I will elaborate even though I don't need to.
I worked for Macy's/Foleys for almost 25 a sales/merchandise manager.

I had my little miracle girl at the young age of 36,lol.
I decided it was time to figure out how I could work and spend more time with my family.
God brought me to a place in my life where He had to knock some sense into me.
My mother had cancer for several years but in the year of 2007,she became worse and moved in with us.After a short time she went into the hospital in September.It was at that time I went on leave from my job to make sure I spent the time with my mother.She died a few weeks later in October 2007 at the age of 57.
Although this was difficult,God used this in my life.There is a purpose for everything.There is an appointed time in our lives,a divine destiny,a plan that God has for us.Such as was for Esther in the Bible.God has shown this to me in many ways.
So here I am,at an appointed time spending it with my family and uncovering what God has in-store for me each and every day.
Peace 2 U,Syds

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  1. Praise God for the way he has helped you during the difficult years. I hope he has some happy times ahead for you. Love Julie